Kardel Sharpeye the Sniper

Sniper - StatsEdit

Strenght : 16 + 1.7

Agility : 21 + 2.9

Inteligence : 15 + 2.6

Armor : 1.94

Damage : 36-42

BAT : 1.7

Movement Speed : 290

Sight Range : 1800/1000

Attack Range : 550 (Projectile Speed : 3000)



Fires a ball of shrapnels that falls on targeted area. Enemies hit by these shrapnels take damage and targeted area is revealed, this ability works on towers.

Target Ground, Magical Damage

Range : 1800

Radius : 550

Duration : 0.4 (If anyone enter the area in 0.4s he will still take damage and will be slowed.

Damage : 220/240/260/280

Tower Damage : 100/200/300/400

Slow : 20%/30%/40%/50%

Slow Duration : 3/4/5/6

Cooldown : 13/12/11/10

Manacost : 95/85/75/65

Kardel's modular rifle also fires incendiary rounds, useful for assaulting entrenched locations.


Sniper increases his accuracy, giving a chance to deal extra damage and ministun.


Maim Slow (Attack speed and Movement speed) : 100%

Maim duration : 0.5

Chance : 400

Damage Bonus : 15/40/65/90

Taking potshots at steepstalkers in his childhood has been thoroughly refined into perfect leads on enemy combatants.



Extends the attack range of Sniper's rifle.


Range Bonus : 100/200/300/400

Kardel always takes it upon himself to stay as far from harm as he can while still performing his role - taking perfect aim.


Sniper locks onto enemy unit, and after 1.7 seconds, fires a devastating shot that deals damage at global range.

Target Unit (Enemy), Magical Damage

Damage : 355/505/655

Cooldown : 20

Manacost : 175/275/375

In order to fulfill the prophecy and return to his home town, Kardel must make another shot as perfect as the one day of his ancient test.

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